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    The background of a person is always something that the whole of the community, indeed, the whole world, would be interested in because most people tend to judge the trustworthiness of a person on the basis of the things that such a person had done in his or her past. The person who does have a criminal background is often someone who would find it hard to convince other people to trust him or her, and that is the reason why such a person would often try to gloss over or even hide their background, and it is instances like these that police records like Iowa Police Records are resorted to.There is no question that the best source of information in regards to the background of the person would be the person whose background is being investigated in the first place, but where these persons are unwilling to cooperate either because they are trying to hide something or because they just do want to, then these records come into play. As the official records of the government, the information that is contained within the records in question are considered to be true and accurate at all times, but it must be remembered that this presumption applies only in regards to what is actually written on the records itself and nothing else.Further, this presumption of regularity is not absolute and could be overturned through the use of competent evidence that would be printed by the party who would claim that the contents of the records are false. It must also be noted that the presumption applies only if the records were obtained from the proper sources, which means that while there is no obligation on the part of the party presenting the records from having to prove that the contents of the records are accurate, there is still the need to prove that the records were obtained from the proper sources, albeit such would usually be easier than proving that the contents of the records are accurate.Copies of these records could be obtained from the office that made the records in the first place, and this is the reason why the first thing that the person who would wish to make the request for these records should do is to determine the place where the records are being kept. The place where the records are being kept would also determine the procedure that the person who wishes to make the request must use to make the request as most offices would have their own set of procedures that would have to be followed. Often, this method would either be through the mail or in person, and both would have advantages or disadvantages that the person making the request must take into consideration.Police Records Iowa are also available online through the use of online databases. These databases are not official sources, but the information that they could provide would be substantially the same as that which could be found from the official sources, albeit the fact that they are not official sources means that the information that they present could not be used for official purposes.