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    The pharynx could be the part of the digestive system rear to the sinus and oral oral cavaties. It could be divided into 3 pockets: your nasopharynx, the particular oropharynx along with the laryngopharynx. click here Taking along with talk are because of muscles contraction and delicate palate height inside the oropharynx1. In the course of presentation, your soft palette enhances and also creases, contacting pharyngeal buildings, which can be also known in order to commitment. The particular complete behaviour associated with buccal as well as pharyngeal muscles creates a type of constraint, known as velopharyngeal closure2. In the course of eating, your soft taste buds splits the nose tooth cavity with the degree of the oropharynx, thus avoiding regurgitation of meals to the nose3. The irregular functioning of these houses can lead to instances of velopharyngeal lack and/or incompetence. Velopharyngeal deficiency creates conversation and resonance adjustments. It may be congenital or as a result of a good purchased physiological trouble inside the delicate taste, where there is actually partial closing in the velopharyngeal sphincter owing to cleft palate or perhaps problems following tumor resection in the taste. Your palate exhibits excellent range of motion, yet without having sufficient tissue because of its closure4. Velopharyngeal mess denotes dysfunction, however velopharyngeal body structure will be undamaged. It takes place most often in people along with neuromuscular problems, triggering incomplete or perhaps full paralysis with the taste buds and/or pharynx5. Remedy aims at superior and also rear lifting with the smooth palette, enhancing talk along with ingesting, typically by way of palatal pick up prosthesis4. The aim of the actual circumstance document ended up being document the treatment of someone using a absolutely edentulous maxilla along with velopharyngeal incompetence employing a palatal raise prosthesis, in which dental implants were utilized in promoting retention as well as stability for your prosthesis. Movie nasopharyngoscopy was adopted to ensure an accurate muscle mass place, advertising the securing with the rear pharyngeal part of the prosthesis. The particular 66-year-old woman White affected person had a stroke Some a long time previous. The sufferer offered bilateral velopharyngeal mess (Fig.?1) as a sequela with this cerebrovascular accident, along with trouble in eating and talk. The girl experienced significant dysphagia along with hope involving foods to the tracheobronchial airways along with liquefied flow back in the nose, in addition to repeated pneumonia. Talk jointure ended up being distorted, compromising conversation. These kind of second option difficulties restricted cultural interactions as well as, because of this, the individual also designed major depression. The person sought health advice with ULBRA University associated with The field of dentistry (Canoas-RS, South america). The girl utilised a new palatal pick up total prosthesis kept more than three tooth root base, with O-ring attachments. The remainder roots associated with teeth 16 along with Twenty-six showed yucky caries, and also the teeth elimination ended up being suggested. Soon after bodily examination, impacts involving both arches have been obtained as well as supporting tests have been wanted: panoramic radiographs and also tooth worked out tomography (CT).